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Discover Sicily landing in Licata,
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The origins of the this city on Sicily’s Mediterranean coast go back to prehistoric times, as shown by numerous findings from the Paleolithic, Mesolithic and Neolilthic periods, such as the Ipogeo Stagnone Pontillo, the necropolis of Monte Petrulla and the Grangela preellenica. The historians identified Licata as the original Phintias, founded in 280 B.C. by Phintias, the tyrant of Agrigento.

From the Greeks to the Romans it was transformed into one of the most important commercial emporiums on the entire island. Dominated by the Turkish in the 1500’s, it finds its redemption and the blossoming of a vibrant economic revival in the seventeenth century to then become, with its port, one of the major commercial centres of Sicily between the 1800’s and the 1900’s.

Identified also as the “Città del Liberty”, Licata offers the tourist numerous monuments, sumptuous villas and precious art and décor. Within the local area is the park of the Ville Liberty, the Palazzo di Città, the Palazzo Verderame and the Teatro Re Grillo.